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    Strange behavior of CMP

    Kail Newbie

      Hi all.

      JBoss 3.0
      EJB 1.1

      i copy mssql-service.xml and modified for my own setting username, password and connection url into server/default/deploy, copy jdbs jars from microsoft into jboss/server/default/lib.
      after start jboss i can see that my datasource MSSQLDS is bound to java:/MSSQLDS.
      I've creared a session bean which lookup "java:/MSSQLDS" execute a query and return a long (count(*) from table) into my web tier - working okay.
      next i created an entity bean (ejb 1.1) and set datasource properties to:
      and when i call a findAll() from this entity i get a result but not from mssql server 2k but from DefaultDS.
      Please tell me what did i wrong???


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          Manimbul Simorangkir Newbie

          hi Kail,

          what kind Entity Bean you create ?
          Bean Managed Persistence (BMP) or Container Managed Persistent (CMP).
          if you use CMP please check your standardjaws.xml (locate on directory $JBOSS_HOME/conf/catalina (if used JBoss with tomcat) or $JBOSS_HOME/conf/default (if you used Jboss standalone)

          change value of DefaultDS to your datasource
          because container will use this value to lookup datasource
          hope this help.


          Manimbul Simorangkir