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    Getter method call of CMP entity hanging

    Pete Marsden Newbie

      I am getting this problem consistently. I making this call hundreds of time in other place. The call just hangs and later times out. Code:

      LocalScenarioHome home = (the local home interface)

      Collection coll = home.findAllByUserID(userName);

      if(coll == null)
      return null;

      Iterator enum = coll.iterator();

      if(!enum.hasNext()) {
      return null;

      while (enum.hasNext()) {
      LocalScenario scen = (LocalScenario)enum.next();
      System.out.println("HAVE SCENARIO: " + scen);
      System.out.println("HAVE SCENARIO NAME: " + scen.getName());


      The HAVE SCENARIO output shows that there is an object of the type I expect but the next line hangs.