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    Oracle clob being returned as null with BMP

    davidrocks Newbie


      i have JBoss 2.4.4 and Oracle 8i working with an Entity bean deployed. The bean uses BMP and has a CLOB field. when i try to retrieve the CLOB with the following section of code i get a null back int the obj ref. sl is my system logging class for debug to avoid confusion.

      PreparedStatement ps = conn.prepareStatement( query ) ;
      rs = (ResultSetInPool)ps.executeQuery();

      while( rs.next() ){
      sl.info( " - rs: " + rs ) ;
      sl.info( " - clob which is at: " + rs.findColumn( "model" )) ;

      Object obj = rs.getClob( "model" ) ;
      sl.info( " - we have: " + obj ) ;


      I know the query is correct as when i call rs.findColumn( "model" ) i get an int 1 back. i get the connection from from a datasource looked up from the context. The bean will persist other fields but no this one. I am 100% sure that the clob type is in the database. I created it with a simple alter. HAs this happened before to anyone?

      Anyhelp or insight would be a great help.