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    db pool

    sheldon Newbie

      I am connecting to the Sybase database in session bean, I am bypassing entity bean. How can I use JBoss's connection pool? Thanks.

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          Chris McCafferty Newbie

          Just use normal JDBC /Bean managed persistence from the session bean. You'll need to set up a DataSource for your database (look in the online docs) and then just use JNDI to look up your datasource. It'll give you pooled connections.



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            cdmdev Newbie

            I am having a problem setting up a connection pool. Can you point out what section etc you are refering to for the online doc? I am trying to connect to Oracle, but I am having difficulties tieing together the xxx-services.xml file with the ejb-jar.xml and jboss.xml files. Any help is appreciated.

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              Chris McCafferty Newbie

              Are you using JBoss 3.0 or JBoss 2.4+?

              For JBoss 3.0, I browsed the old volunteer documentation, which had been updated for version 3.0, which has gone now (annoying).

              For JBoss 2.4+, I would recommend the paid-for manuals. But there is some free documentation on the documentation page http://www.jboss.org/docs/