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    CMR cascade-delete bug + solution

    Walter Wilhelm Newbie

      Hi there,
      there is a bug in CMR. Take the following scenario:

      Assume you have three entities, A, B and C. A has 1:n relations to the B and C. The primary key type of all entities is integer. Now assume that there exist 4 instances of each entity with pks from 1 - 4. When a bean A is deleted,
      only the related beans B OR only the related beans C are deleted, and not both B and C. I think that this bug has something to do with hashCode(). For example, when the pks of beans B go from 1001 to 1004 and the pks of beans C go from 2001 to 2004, cascade-delete works perfectly.

      I have no time right now, so please fix this bug as son as possible.