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    Spring Jbpm 5.2 Integeration for web application

    Mohamed Abuthahir Newbie



      For my web applicaion I want to configure my JBPM in Spring context and I had done all the configuration and I am able to invoke the sample process using Spring. Till now I didnt configure Persistence with my ksession. So all my process states are not persisted. Now I want to configure persistence with my ksession for which I had refered some sites. Though I dont have any idea on JPA I had configured the JPA with kession and table entries are happening nicely. The problem is after the process completion it is record is deleted from the respective tables like(ProcessInsatanceInfo,ProcessInstanceLog etc). Now I want keep the records. How this can be done?


      I am attching my persistence.xml and spring context.xml here with this..


      Waiting for great minds reply