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    Session Bean and Table Not Found

    Jeff Andrews Newbie

      OK, I'm lost...
      I have a Stateless Session Bean accessing my DataSource ("MyDataSource") and all of my Entity beans use the same data source. However, when my Session Bean invokes a SQL statement I get an error stating that the table is not found and to top it off, I get "org.hsqldb.JdbcConnection" stuff in
      my stack trace. I'm not even using the hypersonic stuff. In
      my standardjbosscmp.xml I replaced the defaults to use "java:/MyDataSource", etc.

      My Entity Beans do just right. What do I need to do then in order to get this session bean to work? Do I need anything specified differently in my deployment xml for my Session bean?

      I'm using JBoss v3.0 with tomcat 4.0.x and my data source is using the SQL Server driver from MicroSoft.