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    Will not run custom finder CMP2.0, JBoss3.0

    Don Laidlaw Newbie

      I defined a custom finder method in my bean implementation class. And created the query definition in ejb-jar.xml. The docs (Dain's CMP2.0 Workbook) say that any custom finder with the exact same signature as a defined finder will always be executed:

      From CMP2.0 Workbook:
      "If a custom finder matches a finder declared in the home or local home interface, JBossCMP will always call the custom finder over any other implementation declared in the ejb-jar.xml or jbosscmp-jdbc.xml files.

      My custom finder is defined in both the home and local home interfaces.

      I cannot get it to execute by custom finder. The CMP-generated finder is always run. I am absolutely positive that the method signatures are exact.

      Is there something else required to get the behaviour I want? Is it a bug?