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    Does Jboss3.0.1RC1 work for oracle?

    Travel Maniac Newbie


      I tried out JBoss3.0.1RC1 (because I thought it could solve my foreign key problems). I copied over the oracle-server.xml, added the jaas bit about password in login-config.xml just as I did in JBoss3.0, and the beans that work in JBoss 3.0. Now I get this error saying that OracleDS is not bound!

      Can anyone confirm that JBoss3.0.1RC1 works with Oracle? If so, do the xml files need to be modified for that or do I just copy over those files mentioned about and it would work?

      BTW: My jetty did not work (with 3.0 I used tomcat) and for this reason perhaps port 8086 does not work so I can't see if OracleDS is really bound. I remember seeing this problem in JBoss3.0RCX and earlier.