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    Postgres conn man mbean initially stopped?

    Brian Newbie

      I've installed PostgreSQL as my default datasource. Everything works great with my sample CMP bean *except* the PostgreSQL connection manager MBean is initially stopped. That is, the MBean's "State" field is "Stopped", and until I physically force it to start (I use the JMX HTTP adapter interface) I can't deploy any CMP EJBs that depend on the DS. Once I force the MBean to start, everything works great.

      I'm using postgres-service.xml (v 1.7) I grabbed from the sourceforge CVS repository. Just to get started, I hardcoded username and password in to the XML file. I modified the JDBC connection URL, and of course made sure postgresql.jar (the Driver) is in JBoss's lib dir.

      Anyone with any insight re: how to get the MBean to be started initially instead of stopped?

      Brian Maso