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    Wrong behaviour (IMHO) of CMP for updating Relationships

    Hans Newbie


      Env: JBoss 3.0 + MySQL and Hsqldb

      There are two entity-beans A and B with a bidirectional 1-1 Relationship. The relationship-mapping is via foreign keys. It works usually fine with CMP-setting of the foreign keys but not in this scenario:

      class A {
      abstract setB(LocalB b) {}
      setToExistingB(Integer primaryKeyB) {

      class Client {
      a = homeRemoteA.create(...);
      a.setBViaDataObject(new BDO(...));
      b = homeRemoteB.create(...);

      Afterwards the Table for B is fine but not for A, which
      should have a0(fk_id_B = 1).

      Table B: b0(fk_id_A = empty),b1(fk_id_A = 1)
      Table A: a0(fk_id_B = 0)