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    Microsoft Access configuration for 3.0

    Alan Moor Newbie

      Yeah, I know, but the customer's always right, even if they are foolish.

      In any case, due to my inability to find documentation on 3.0 RC2 database configurations, I had some difficulty accessing an MSAccess DB using the sun jdbc-odbc bridge. I am posting that configuration here to hopefully save others the pain.

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          Dain Sundstrom Master

          The customer is not alway right. You should tell them about the free production grade databases which run on windows (PostgreSQL and FireBird).

          Thanks for the work. Can you post this as a patch on the JBoss project page on SourceForge.com?

          I also recomend that you add a comment that "Access is never recomended for any use".

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            Alan Moor Newbie

            I agree with your assessment of Access. In my situation, the customer has a current Access application that their users enter data into that they want to report from real-time. Until they rewrite the Access application in a more civilized language, they will have to live with the performance and reliability issues inherent in MS Access.

            I would be happy to post my configuration file on SourceForge (less the snide comments of course).