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    Jboss Messaging + MDB tuning

    fregg Newbie


      I am working  with JBoss Messaging 1.4.6 and JBoss 5.1 AS.

      I would like to tune some test environment and find out something about the limits of it.


      Here is the environment description:

      -JMS has n queues deployed

      -JBoss has n MDBs, 1 for every queue


      Now, for what I have found out we can set the following stuff. Please, correct me if I am wrong:

      -JMS:remoting-bisocket-service.xml - JBM_clientMaxPoolSize - it should exceed the max client session number.


      -JBOSS AS:MaxSession on MDB is the number of max sessions providing messages to given MDB

      -JBOSS AS:WorkManagerThreadPool/maximumPoolSize describes the maximum  number of threads processing EJB/MDB for all EJBs on whole AS

      -JBOSS AS:WorkManagerThreadPool/maximumQueueSize describes the maximum  number of EJB invocation requests that may be queued to be processed

      -JBOSS AS:StrictMaxPool on EJB/MDB describes the max number of threads processing given EJB work(from WorkManagerThreadPool)


      Here are my questions:

      1. How to count the possible limit of the JBM_clientMaxPoolSize?

      2. Does it mean that if I have 50 MDB and for every MDB there are 4 sessions i need JBM_clientMaxPoolSize bigger than 200? 

      2  How to count reasonable number of WorkManagerThreadPool size and queue size?

      3. How to count the ratio of the MaxSession to the StrictMaxPool for MDB?

      4. What other settigs should be taken into account?