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    jboss-service.xml dont support <![CDATA elements

    mko0815 Newbie



      i have some problems with configuring my mbeans in jboss-service.xml


      the first: i want to use a <![cdata element as the attribute value, this makes sense for me because i can use xml

      but the value i got is allways emtpy, it seems like the jboss parser of this file simply ignors or drops <![cdata elements


      have you any suggestions for this ?

      as i understand, now parser should behave like this because its not xml compatible


      a second problem i have is,

      that it looks like if the value string is to long, its cutted rondom. 

      means, its cutted but not allways at the same postion.


      did someelse have any experince or solutions for this ??