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    rich:tooltip rendering issue from rich:popupPanel

    Roberto Contiero Newbie



      in my web application I have a <rich:tooltip> applied on the onmouseover event of an icon. When the page is loaded the tooltip works properly (appear on the onmouseover event). The same icon also has an onclick event that opens a <rich:popupPanel> with a <rich:fileUpload> component inside it. If I open popup and upload a file, the <rich:fileUpload> component renders some related information in background, that is under the <rich:popupPanel>. This data is correctly rendered but, when I close popup, the <rich:tooltip> linked with icon goes off. In the attachment I've created a small test case that represents my more complex case (yuo can reach test page clicking into this link after deploy: http://localhost:8080/test/main.jsf).

      After file upload ajax rendering has occurred, I notice that if I manually execute the tooltip javascript in a browser console (new RichFaces.ui.Tooltip("form:j_idt6",{"showDelay":100,"hideDelay":100,"direction":"RB","ajax":{"incId":"1"} ,"target":"form:j_idt5","offset":[-60,10] ,"followMouse":false,"jointPoint":"LB"} )), the tooltip resumes operation.

      Can someone help me, please?

      Thanx in advance.