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    How to not combine ajax request within a queue

    viragegroup Newbie

      Hi all,


      We are using RF 3.3.3 with JSF 2.


      We 've got a <jsFunction> that call a java method:

      <a4j:jsFunction name="updateValue" 
           <a4j:actionparam name="idLigne" assignTo="#{myBean.paramId}" />


      In order to serialize all the ajax request, we are using a global queue

      <a4j:queue  name="org.richfaces.queue.global" onerror="makeStuff();"  />


      If we call 3 times, updateValue(id) with 3 different values in parameter, only the first and the last call are processed.

      The java method is only called 2 times.


      In the logs, we see:


      debug[14:37:37,820]: Found view queue 'org.richfaces.queue.global'
      debug[14:37:37,820]: Similar request currently in queue 'org.richfaces.queue.global'
      debug[14:37:37,820]: Combine similar requests and reset timer
      debug[14:37:37,820]: Queue will wait 0ms before submit


      the call #2 and #3 are "combined" because they are supposed to be similar (because they are coming from the same jsFunction ?). But, we need the java method to be call for *each* request (and in the real order)

      Is there a way to set the request as "never similar" to another ?

      Or is there a way for a queue to not combine requests ?


      Thanks for any help,