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    lookup on backup

    Leonid GL Newbie

      I have a live-backup-pair in shared-store mode. Both servers have a connectionfactory in the hornetq-jms.xml. On the client side I put both IPs for the jndis by


      env.put(Context.PROVIDER_URL, ",");


      Then I lookup the factory from the live, create a connection, send a couple of massages and close the connection (the factory object is still there). Then I kill the live and the backup starts. After it I create a new connection and try to lookup a queue, which doesn’t work. The initialcontext.lookup(queue) just returns a null.


      I have added a backup-connector to the confactory on live server, but the problem is still there. Is it actually possible to lookup the backup-jndi after live fails? The hornetq examples do unfortunately not provide such scenarios.


      The servers run on jboss 6.1 and the version is 2.2.14


      Thank you.