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    Is there any way to get dataTable with some default columns when we drag & drop Richfaces tag dataTable from Jboss tools palette to visual page editor?

    Mushfik Khan Newbie


      JBoss Tools eclipse plugin for JSF development provides visual page editor to visualize the component at design time. When we drag and drop any Richfaces component from Jboss Tools palette it appears in editor. When we drag and drop components like dataTabel, dataGrid etc without giving any property, it puts tag <rich:dataTabel> </rich:dataTabel> and it does not display any tabel in visual page editor since there is no default columns inside tag.

      Is there any way (by extending any plugin provided by Jboss tools like org.jboss.tools.vpe) to get dataTabel with some default rows and column when we drag it from palette to visual page editor?


      We want to support similar feature provided by Eclipse WTP, when we drag and drop dataTable into WTP editor, it includes some columns and headers by default, so that a complete tabel can be visualized.