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    Verifying secure Mod_Cluster communications

    Marko Milutinovic Newbie



      I configured httpd <--> JBoss communications to be secure using SSL. I wanted to verify that SSL traffic was in fact used for mod_cluster communiction via Wireshark but I can't capture any. There are no issues when starting httpd or JBoss and when checking via CLI (read-proxies-info()) I see that a node is present and it's connected via Port 8443  Type HTTPS, as expected.


      I've tried filtering by SSL, port 8443, port 6666 (advertise port). I can only see conistent data on the multicast advertise IP/Port (23364) but the data is not encrypted.


      Any tips if I am looking for the wrong thing, or is this an issue with my setup and SSL isn't actually being used. I am using a JBoss AS 7.2.0 stable release from a couple of days ago.