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    SharedLocalYieldingLockManager.LocalLock not removed after session expiration

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      Recently my system has been in the QA. (includes Stress test, Endurance test)

      During the endurance test, I found that the heap space was getting exausted, and not removed after full gc.

      When the heap space got close to 90%, the gabage collection was happend every 2 min, and my system was stopped reponding.

      The heap space was not cleaned up, nevertheless I ended the test (no request during a few hours)



      I downloaded some heap dumps, and found that the SharedLocalYieldingLockManage.LocalLock() resided much of heap space. (above 60%)

      I think the session expiration doesn't operate porperly.


      If the SessionBasesClusteredSession class raises the expiration signals with "LocalOnly=True", the lock would not be removed.


      Addionally, I reviewed our source code and did a leakage discory test, anything was matter.


      Here is my environment. If you want to see my standalone.xml, please post a reply thread.



      - 8 JVM (4 machine, each 2)

      - JDK : 1.6u31

      - OS : Amazon Linux 64bit

      - JGroups : FILE_PING (The shared storage is GlusterFS volume)

      - Infinispan operation mode : L1 + Distribution / ASYNC / expiration 1min

      - Session handling : web.xml (expiration every 1min)

         (Originally our setting was 30 min. Beacuse the load generator was sending too many requests with new session, I lowered the threshold to 1min)

      - Source code : 7.1.3 Final tag (downloaded from Github)