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    create table failed when using ejb/Name convention

    Bogdan Ghidireac Newbie


      I am using jboss 3 with xdoclet for development and it is a great combination.

      One minor problem that I am facing is the naming convention for my EJBs. If I am trying to use 'ejb/Employee' for the name and the bean has relations with other beans then an exception is thown when the tables are created.

      java.sql.SQLException: Wrong data type: / in statement [CREATE TABLE EMPLOYMENT (employmentId VARCHAR(256) NOT NULL, startDate BIGINT NOT NULL, endDate BIGINT NOT NULL, hoursPerWeek INTEGER NOT NULL, salary DOUBLE NOT NULL, employee VARCHAR(256), ejb/Employee_employments VARCHAR(256), Position_employments VARCHAR(256), position VARCHAR(256), CONSTRAINT PK_EMPLOYMENT PRIMARY KEY (employmentId))]

      If the ejb name is changed to 'Employee' then everything it's ok.