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    Transactions and Connections behaviour

    Dmitriy Reshetnikov Newbie

      Can you explane, what is going on there:

      1. connection = getConnection

      2. userTransaction.begin()


      Is connection included into transaction?

      Is connection used by another local transaction and do not included into UserTransaction


      1. userTransaction.begin()

      2. connection = getConnection

      3. userTransaction.commit

      4. connection.doSmt()


      Can I use connection after transaction commit?

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          Tom Jenkinson Master

          Hi Dmitriy,


          Your question is probably better asked over on the IronJacamar forums. From what I can recall, the XA connection is enlisted for you by iron jacamar when you request a connection within the scope of a transaction.


          1. it would be an error to use an XA connection outside the scope of a transaction, so I would say, "no" to using it after the commit

          2. If you call getConnection outside the scope of transaction I would say you will get a standard connection rather than an XA one, it does depend on the capabilities of the underlying connection manager, in AS7 case: IronJacamar.