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    tab panel - RichFaces 4

    javashan Newbie

      Hi All


      hope evenyone is cool,


      i am currently using Richfaces 4.0 and wanted to find out, if there is any way to format the tabs so that they render in muuiple lines.


      i.e 7 tabs per line and if there are more render them on the next line.


      here is an example of tab layout i am looking for.




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          Siva P Master

          Hi Sathees,


          Please try to add the below code to get the tab format like horizontal 6 and sub tabs of the mail tab. for displaying the X icon in the tab also link is given for ur reference.

          if the soultion is not suits then try with JQUERY tab.


          Below is the mainpage.jsp (or) mainpage.xhtml where top tabs are placeed.....see the label(TabPage6)



          <rich:tab limitToList="true" label="TabPage6" name="TabPage">

                          <a4j:region id="region">

                              <a4j:include id="statusPage6" viewId="/Page.jsp"/>               






          This is the page name called Page.jsp (or) Page.xhtml


          <rich:tabPanel  switchType="ajax" id="tabpanel" styleClass="tabb" >


                      <rich:tab label="Tab1" name="Tab1">

                      <a4j:region id="roverRegion">   

                          <a4j:include id="pageID" viewId="/tabPage1.jsp"/>




                      <rich:tab label="Tab2" name="Tab2">

                      <a4j:region id="kenanRegion">       

                          <a4j:include id="kenansubmainPage" viewId="/tabPage2.jsp"/>