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    EJB3 over HTTPS, on JBoss 4.2.3, client is still trying to use port 3873

    Phillip Rhodes Newbie

      I have a JBoss AS 4.2.3 server configured to use the Unified Invoker, and with SSL configured, per the instructions at:






      I access JNDI from the client, using the URL:



      But the client calls are still trying to open a connection to the server on port 3873.


      So, my questions are:


      1. Why is it trying to connect on port 3873? 

      2. Does this mean that my calls are not actually going over https?

      3. Assuming the answer to (2) is "yes" then how do I fix this to ensure that all traffic on the remote call is using https?


      I do have the remote bindings specified in my ejb-jar like:




      But that doesn't seem to make any difference.


      Thanks in advance...