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    Unique JNDI for multiple clustered servers and EJBs

    Francisco Chaves Newbie

      Hi all,

      I want the following deployment and sfsb calls:


      Server A (Cluster member)

        |- Deployments

            |-- sfsb1

            |-- sfsb2


      Server B (Cluster member)

        |- Deployments

            |-- sfsb3

            |-- sfsb4

            |-- sfsb5


      Server C (Cluster member)

        |- Deployments

            |-- sfsb6


      It is possible to invoke EJBs from any clustered server's ejb pointing  to a unique JNDI URL located on any cluster server? I mean, for example, if I want to invoke sfsb1 from sfsb6, I want to do that looking up to a centralized JNDI Registry in Server A, server B or any cluster member server without "wire" connections between all servers.

      This is because at runtime, i want be able to change EJB deployments and I want to have just one JNDI provider URL for all servers.


      There is any way to reach that operation schema?