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    How  Make JBoss3 to support Chinese charset GBK?

    dudoes Newbie

      I recieved date from FORM on JSP page by JavaBean£¬then I update it to the Oracle 8i. but the chinese data in database is "???", I don't know how to make jboss3/ Tomcat4 to accept Chinese charset.

      My developement environment is:

      JBuilder 6 enterprise
      Jboss3.0.1RC1/TOMCAT4.0.4 BUDLE
      Oracle 8.1.7i

      My application run well on Webligic6.1, but i will migrate to jboss3/tomcat4 that I like.

      How jboss support multi charset, such as GBK,or charset boyond chinese, etc.

      where to get the document,

      I need your Help , jboss core Developer .