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    How HornetQ deal with runaway consumers

    yalwang Newbie



      I am in the process of evaluating hornetQ for our async messaging framework. I am researching on the reliable delivery feature. I understand redelivery can happen when


      1. in transaction case, when a rollback called on session

      2. in non-transaction case, when session is closed, all the non-ACKed messages will be redelivered.


      But I looked through JMS doc and HornetQ user manual, there is no mention how to deal with runaway consumer, i.e. a consumer code takes a long time to finish that excceeds my SLA, while maintaining the session (or didn't get chance to call rollback). In case this runaway is not a systematic problem (i.e. a redelivery can solve the problem), set a redelivery timeout can help. Is there such mechanism in place?