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    BPMN modeler plugin - NullPointerException

    tlucz Newbie


           I'd like to use Eclipse Indigo (Win 64bit) with BPMN modeler plugin (http://download.eclipse.org/bpmn2-modeler/site) to create BPMN diagrams. It is impossible from my pov cause I very often get NullPointerExceptions. For example I'd like to create simple diagram with two UserTasks. After create tasks I want to set task's properties but get NPE right after select one of UserTask and then there is no possibility to edit User Task name. 




      Does someone know what can be reason for such problems?


      And my second question is why there is no possibility to set groupId and other standard User Task properties (only Actor is available):




      Do I use right plugin?

      Thanks in advance for any help.