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    Where is shrinkwrap ?


      Hi Guys,

      Sorry for the stupid question but I've updated some Arquillian dependencies and noticed I was using a quite old Shrinkwrap version.

      I updated it but some of my deployment builds are not working anymore.

      Looking for docs, I hit



      Is this the good page?


      I'm used to simply use

      WebArchive test = ShrinkWrap

      .create(MavenImporter.class, "test.war")



      That is not working anymore.

      Deep api refactoring, fair enough but without eays to find documentation, it's quite impossible to survive.



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          Hi Anthony,


          ShrinkWrap is still where it used to be. The problem you're facing is missing MavenImporter, which is distributed as a part of ShrinkWrap Maven Resolver (aka ShrinkRes) project.


          The MavenImporter was (temporarily) dropped from ShrinkRes. The last version where it was present was 2.0.0-alpha-1. MavenImporter has to undergo a significant surgery, so it would be usable from IDE. You can track the issue https://issues.jboss.org/browse/SHRINKRES-61 for the progress.


          Currently, I can recommend you either to stick with 2.0.0-alpha-1 or, dependening on your use case, use ShrinkWrap to build the archive and ShrinkRes to add the dependencies. You can find up-to-date manual here:




          Btw, your feedback on using MavenImporter is really valuable to us. You have the change to help us to form its new API by simply commenting you use cases/concerns in that jira.