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    Messages not moving to DLQ from a Queue configured as source queue of a core bridge.

    Dhaval Rami Newbie

      HornetQ version : hornetq-2.2.14.Final

      Running with -Xmx1536M



      • I have a main.queue, on which I have setup a non-exclusive divert to a divert.queue,

      So all the messages that come to main queue are also copied to the divert.queue.

      • I have defined DLQs and retry count for of '1' for both main.queue and divert.queue.
      • I have setup a two core bridges

      1) Between main.queue and a remote.main.queue on HQ in same LAN

      2) Between divert.queue and a remote.divert.queue which is in some other network, and bridge operates in WAN.


      The problem is with 2nd bridge, whenever there is some network fluctuation, the bridge disconnects and reconnects, the delivering count of the divert.queue goes up and comes down which is ideal .

      If  disconnection are frequent and for longer duration the messages are never moved to DLQ of divert.queue, instead delivering count of divert.queue keeps on increasing  at one point all HQ memory is used up and it stops responding.


      I am attaching the configuration file, tell me if I am missing/miss-configuring any parameter.