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    Graceful shutdown backup, the other backup won't become backup and replicate data from master

    yong deng Newbie

      Topology: Three HornetQ has been configured to form HA live backup group. The HA mode is data replication.

                One HornetQ is master. The other two are backup


      HornetQ version: 2.3 BETA



          Master and both backup servers starts. Finally two backup server will starts. One will replicate data from master. The other one will

          wait to be backup.

          At this moment, if we shutdown master, backup will become master. The other backup will become backup server. Everything works fine.

          But if we gracefully shutdown backup server, things will be broken. The other backup will still waiting to be backup.


          I post a similar issue https://community.jboss.org/message/772758#772758.

          But that issue occurs when we kill the process. This issue is there even we graceful shutdown the backup server.


          Master and backup configuration are attached.