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    WSHumantask 'subtask strategy' is not working as expected?

    tom sebastian Newbie

      Hi all,

           We have using WShumantask, the default humantask implementation provided by jbpm. Here we use SubTaskStrategies='OnParentAbortAllSubTasksEnd' for creating subtasks.(assumes when parent task is completed all its subtasks will be completed. is it correect? )


      Consider our case: We created a task say task1. Then we created a subtask say subtask1 with parent task1. Next we created another subtask say subtask2 with parent subtask1.

      When we completing task1,  automatically status of subtask1 changed to 'completed'. but there is no change for subtask2 status.

      As per the strategy,we expect, when subtask1 completed ,its child subtask2 should also be completed .But it doesn't.Is there any remedy. We are using humantask 5.2



      Thanks in advance