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    Hornet threads logging wrong MDC information randomly

    borf gordon Newbie


      We are using org.jboss.logging.MDC w/ Jboss AS 6.1


      We have a queue in hornet, the consumer of this sets some MDC variables for the current thread (like an identifier) for purposes of logging for every log statement made by that thread. We seem to see very odd behavior where in the logs for a given thread, lets say jvm thread#1, it will log the variables attached to jvm thread#1 fine, but then randomly in the logs, it starts outputing the variables from the MDC context set by thread#2.


      Starting to drive me nuts. What could be the issue here? Something low-level in the appender? I don't see how if I am in thread#1 and to an MDC.put('x',1'), then in thread#2 MDC.put('y',2), that somehow along they way when thread#1 is logged in the log file, it ends up with thread#2's value....


      Note my pattern layout also logs the raw jvm thread ID, so I know that this is indeed happening.