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    About javac command using tools.jar

    Debasis Jana Newbie

      JAVA_HOME points to jdk home directory.
      How do JBOSS server compiles converted JSP servlet and loaded it from temp folder.
      If I point JAVA_HOME to jre home then how do JBOSS find that tools.jar to compile JSP class.

      Now I am generating report generation java on the fly and my application tries to compile that source using apache ant tool which uses tools.jar.
      I able to make find resource by putting tools.jar into WEB-INF/tools.jar and make a changes in sun/jdk module.xml (added javax/annotation/processing).
      How sun/jdk module works as it's main folder does not contain any .jar file.

      If I try to add dependencies (tools.jar) using modules structure then it shows javax.tool..no found. Then if I make change in sun/jdk module.xml by adding javax/tool..then it shows same error.

      Can anyone please make me clarify these concerns.