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    Suggestions for Installer documentation

    Philbert de Zwart Newbie



      I'm quite new to JBoss and jBPM and indeed java development, so I turned to the Community documentation to get a feel for what all this is and how it works.


      So I ended up here:



      and decided to follow these steps to install everything and do the demo.


      Clearly a lot of effort has been put into making this a newbie friendly experience, and I do appreciate that.

      However, it did not work for me. More specific: Eclipse would not start.


      After a lot of frustrating searches on the internet, I got it working by first uninstalling everything Java from my (windows 7 64bit) computer, then reinstalling 64bit Java (nope) and 32bit Java, the latter of which worked after I had pointed Eclipse to use the 32bit version of Java in eclipse.ini.


      Now here is my criticism: nowhere in this article is there any mention of whether the software installed by the script is 32bit or 64bit.

      My search for how to get this working would have been a lot shorter if the Prerequisites had read:

      This script assumes you have Java JDK 1.5+ (32bit, set as JAVA_HOME), and Ant 1.7+ installed. If you don't, use the following links to download and install them:


      Also, it might be good to point people towards the eclipse.ini documentation (http://wiki.eclipse.org/Eclipse.ini) in the FAQ at the bottom.


      For the rest: it's very good!