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    Handling pageflow transition after conversation timeout

    Schevus Osborne Newbie

      I am trying to handle background conversation timeouts in an elegant manner. I am having trouble figuring out how to redirect the user to main page when they try to call a pageflow transition in a tab with a timed out conversation. I've tried setting no-conversation-view-id on the page configuration in the pageflow:


      <page name="searchFollowUp" view-id="/searchFollowUp.xhtml" no-conversation-view-id="/home.xhtml">




      This does not work, and honestly I don't see how it ever could work, since the pageflow lives in the conversation scope?


      I am returning my transition names statically from an <s:link>, as follows:


      <s:link value="Search Follow Ups" action="searchFollowUp"/>


      Since there is no pageflow found, all that's happening is my page is refreshing. I have also tried capturing NoConversationException in pages.xml to no avail.


      I have had success handling background timeouts that pass through a java call before directing to the transition by wrapping those calls with an interceptor that checks for a valid conversation and throws a NoConversationException if one is not found. How would I accomplish something similar with a static action result? I really hope I don't have to convert them all to return from method calls...


      Any help is appreciated.