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    CMR one-many very slow

    Fabian Bauschulte Newbie


      I'm currently running 3.0.0final together with MSSQL 2000 on a 2Ghz P4 with 500Mb RAM.

      I have two beans: ErrorCode and Message. There is a uni-directional Relation from Message to ErrorCode. One Message has excatly one ErrorCode (Message has a ForeignKey to the PK of ErrorCode (bigint)).

      The problem is the following:
      When I want call the CMR-Method setErrorCode(oneErrorLocal) the invocation takes ca. 5 seconds with 100% Load on the CPU! There are no suspicious SQL-Statements in the server log.

      There are ca. 15000 Messages and 7 Error Codes. Is the time normal? With a UPDATE-Statement the time is less than 50ms...

      Thanks in advance,