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    BusinessRuleTask not firing in jBPM process

    Jason J Newbie



      I am specifically running jBPM 5.4.0.CR1 and Drools 5.5.0.CR1.


      I have a very simple workflow with a set of wait states and businessRuleTask elements.  The workflow seems to pass through the BusinessRuleTask b/c I can see that it progresses to the next node, but the rule itself is not firing. 


      As a side note, this workflow works perfectly fine running on jBPM 5.2 and Drools 5.3.1.


      I have attached a simple Eclipse Java project that demonstrates this issue.  It's simple enough to run the main program.


      Can someone take a look and verify that this is possibly a bug or that I am doing something wrong?  If so, I can file something in JIRA.


      Any helpers appreciated - thanks!!