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      I developed a small test application using cmp Ejb with local interface following the free start guide and official document JBOSSCMP 2.0 I bought. And I successed. it is running.

      Next step I am trying to build a cmr test. I got confusion here: in Ejb specification 2.0 final release, we have to config in ejb-jar which is belong to J2ee stuff; meanwhile, sometime we also need to config in jbosscmp-jdbc. So my question is what role of jbosscmp-jdbc is in cmr application or in Jboss server. In JBOSSCMP2.0 document, it doesn't describe what jbosscmp-jdbc is for. Again, what's Jaws for? Is it no use in Jboss3.0 or in Ejb2.0 application?


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          ejb-jar.xml: Required by the EJB specification. Describes the basic bean construction: cmp-field, cmr-fields and queries.

          jbosscmp-jdbc.xml: Not-required. Used to declare exact database mapping for cmp-fields, cmr-fields, and queries. Used during tuning.

          jaws.xml: The equivalent of jbosscmp-jdbc.xml for the old CMP 1.1 (only) persistence engine JAWS (not used in EJB 2.0).

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            Thanks, Dain!