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    Embedding HSQLDB 1.7.0

    Stanislav Borutsky Newbie

      I am using JBoss 2.4.6.

      hsqldb.jar distributed together with the above is v.1.6.1,
      and is not the original jar - it has 2 additional classes:


      I tried to modify the same way the recently released HSQLDB 1.7.0, but some classes and constants disappeared in this new version. I tried to replace them with another appropriate ones, but the resulting jar didn't work, generating a number of exceptions, which I can't understand. Of course, I can provide more detailed information of what I tried, but I think this won't help much.

      I am sure that someone, who wrote the two-classes-addition above for embedding HSQLDB in JBoss, will understand the problem much faster than I and can create the updated version for HSQLDB 1.7.

      Does such an update exist ?
      If not, who wrote the existing embedding code and how to contact him ? Anyone else I can ask to help ?