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    Jboss WS-AT example

    Pradeep Badiger Newbie

      I have been working on enterprise applications throughout my career and I always get stuck on issues around transactions in almost all projects.


      Recently I came across WS-AT where you make webservices participate within a transaction which is started outside the webservice context.


      I searched a lot for a clear example on this but hardly had any luck. So, i went through some Jboss Tx related documentation and came up with a simple example.


      I have attached a document containing details about pre-requisites and project configuration.


      I have created two projects based on Spring 3.1, hibernate 3, Mysql 5.1 and Maven


      1. WSATServer  - contains JAX-WS webservice which saves a record into a table in MySQL DB.

      2. WSATClient - JAX-RS client application that calls WSATServer Webservice and also saves a record in another table in MySQL DB.


      Hope this helps.



      Pradeep B