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    Preload data contains multiple values, but this cmr field is

    Leila Tite Newbie

      I've got a Project EJB that successfully saves several cmr fields. Now, for some reason, a much simpler case is running into problems. The ProjectPhase EJB has 3 cmr fields; one for the Project, one for Phase, and one for Status. Saving the ProjectPhase cmp fields and Project cmr works fine. Turning on trace, I see the following generated SQL:
      Executing SQL: SELECT id FROM PROJECTPHASE WHERE (FK_project=?)

      Executing SQL: SELECT FK_status, id FROM PROJECTPHASE WHERE (FK_status=?) OR (FK_status=?) OR (FK_status=?) OR (FK_status=?)

      Same problem for the Phase cmr field. They are all defined exactly the same way (using Xdoclet tags, for what it's worth) - with a single foreign key reference in the ProjectPhase table. Where is the preload data coming from, and why are there multiples?

      I saw an earlier posting with this problem, but there were no replies.