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    weblogic-ejb-jar.xml to jboss.xml

    Martin Vilcans Newbie

      I'm converting an application from Weblogic to JBoss and have come to the point where I will convert weblogic-ejb-jar.xml to jboss.xml.

      So, my question is where I can find instructions on how to map between the elements in the weblogic file to the ones in jboss.xml. I'm particularly interested in max-beans-in-cache, idle-timeout-seconds, read-timeout-seconds, concurrency-strategy and passivation-strategy.

      I will make a XSLT style sheet to convert between them as I'm to lazy to do it by hand, but perhaps there already is such an XSLT somewhere? An XSLT to convert the CMP descriptors would be nice as well.

      Can anyone help?