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    Transaction Management across Nodes

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      Given a scenario, I want to put data  D1 to a distributed Cache of infinispan datagrid from a given Node say N1, the data D1 is fetched from Node 2 deployed in another VM( deployed in the same infinispan cluster)  and performed some activity and finally pushed to an RDBMS. The complete activity starting from Node 1 to Node 2 down to data pushed to RDBMS should happen within the same transaction boundary, The activity can be summarized as below


      /** Start of Node 1 Activity **/


      TransactionManager manager = globalCache.getCache()



      globalCache.putObject("key1", D1);


      /**end of Node 1 activity **/


      /**Start of Node 2 Activity**/

      TransactionManager manager = globalCache.getCache()


      Object D1 =  globalCache.getObject();

         //perform some db activity




      ps.execute( Insert into table( D1))




      /**End of node 2 activity**/



      With respect to the scenario, I have a few queries?

      1: How a transaction begin from node can proceed with the activity in another node

      2: How transactionManager reference can be shared across difference nodes( is there any way to persist transaction manager reference in cache?)