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    multiple bean instances for one entity identity

    Julia Paul Newbie


      We're having trouble with two session beans concurrently accessing the same entity. In JBoss 2.4.3 one of the clients blocks and the other has long wait phases before it eventually finishes and in JBoss 3.0.1 we get a ApplicationDeadlockException.

      It seems that the default JBoss configuration
      allows only one EJB instance associated with a particular identity at a time. So if one transaction is using the instance, any other needs to wait, reducing
      concurrency and potentially leading to deadlock.

      I've heard that JBoss can be configured to replace this
      behavior with the ability to allow multiple instances per bean identity.

      Unfortunately, I couldn't find how to do this. I've searched the forums and the doucumention, but still no clue.

      Can someone please point me to the right place in the documentation?