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    Need to get to my OracleConnection object

    John Carnell Newbie


      I am having a bit of problem porting one of my applications over to JBoss 3.0. A piece of code uses an OracleConnection, OraclePreparedStatement and OracleResultSet object to manipulate a CLOB (yes I know Oracle's is non-compliant with the JDBC specification :,>) .

      However, when I try to cast the connection I retrieved via a JNDI-bound DataSource, I get a class cast exception because the connection is being wrappered as a LocalConnection which is wrappering a LocalManagedConnection.

      My question is, is there a way to get to the underlying OracleConnection so that I can manipulate my CLOB and go on my way. (It drives me nuts, because this is the only piece of code that is Oracle-specific :,>)

      I have dug through the source and do not see a way of doing this. Also, if there is a Class/method that will let me get to the underlying database connection, could you include the specific RAR/JAR it is located in.

      I have seen reference in the forum to the ConnectionInPool class but can not find it in the JBoss 3.0 source code.

      I really appreciate any help you because right now this is holding up the porting of my application to JBoss.

      John Carnell