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    JbpmException: StartState(Start ProcessName) has no default transition

    Andy Peer Newbie

      Hi, we have a strange behavior in our evironement, aparently wothout any reasons, one day we got this exception: JbpmException: StartState(Start ProcessName) has no default transition.

      We did not change anything of the process.


      This is the process definition:


      <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
         <start-state name="Start Process Event">
              <transition to="getEvent"></transition>
          <node name="getEvent" async="true">
              <action class="com.test.handler.SubscribersEventHandler"></action>
              <transition to="nextTransition"></transition>



      This is how we start the process:

      ProcessInstance processInstance = ctx.getJbpmContext().newProcessInstance(EventProcessConstants.BPM_PROCESS_NAME);


      What could be the problem?