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    Extending the Transaction Extension

    Paul Robinson Master



      I appreciate this is only an Alpha, and that what I'm trying to do may not be the focus of the extension, so this is in no way a criticism....


      I'm looking at the Transaction Extension project and I was wondering how I would plug in a different transaction type. In particular I was going to try writing a WS-AT impl (the client api for WS-AT does not implement any of the javax.transaction interfaces). You have an "impl-jta" that looked to me like it contained all the JTA specific code written against the SPI and thus I saw this as a unit of extensibility. I thought maybe I could create a copy of that project and an particular add the WS-AT specific stuff to the TransactionProvider impl, and then switch implementation via the @Transactional annotation.


      However, on closer inspection it looks like the JTA impl is hard wired into the project and the only extension point is by providing a value to @Transactional.manager which (it seems to me) needs to be a JNDI name for a class that implements javax.transaction.UserTransaction.


      To clarify, am I right in thinking the only customization currently available is to specify a different implementation of UserTransaction and that it must be available in JNDI?