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    Call statefulKnowledgeSession.startProcess() from a SessionBean

    stundzig Newbie

      Hi folks,


      i would like to call startProcess() and completeWorkItem() on a StatefulKnowledgeSession. Therefore I've a SessionBean and and j2ee-client application.


      I call the startProcess from my client and delegates them to the SessionBean. The SessionBean itself does some logic and after that, they should call startProcess() or something else on the current running JBPM application.


      But how could I get a reference to the JPAKnowledgeService or StateKnowledgeSession or something else? Or a SessionBean which I could get from JNDI?


      I've tried some different approaches in the last hours, for example inject persistence unit and build an own Session around it, but without any success.


      Could someone point me to the right documentation please or post a code snippet?


      I'm using BRMS 5.3.0.


      Thanks in advance.