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    Without ROLLBACK

    Wallace Zou Newbie

      After successfully tested with Jboss cmp 2.0/CMR, I am going to try transaction features.

      JBoss3.0.0 + JDK1.4 + MySql Max 3.23.51 (which support transaction-safe tables)

      One session bean EntityManager has a method in remote interface want to create two entity bean then return, it's clear and simple. I set all methods of two entity bean to container transaction with Mandatory trans-attribute. This can make sure the client of entity bean must run in a transaction otherwise a error will be prompt. I set all methods of session bean EntityManager to container transaction with Reqired trans-attribute. In order to test transcation function, an exception is thrown from method of session bean to interrupte return.

      Deployment is error-less, after running client, it throws the exception which is expected. But in server console/logs file, no transaction info is prompted. I checked tables, there are the new records inserted, that means Jboss didn't rollback.

      I double checked database system, no doubts all tables are Innodb table, where am I wrong?